My Top Emerging Influential Blogs For 2009

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009.

I admire them for being able to write great posts . They are truly deserving to be on the Top! They have been my inspiration in writing, although I can say that I'm a beginner and too far from where they are now, I hope that someday, I would be able to be one of them. I hope for them to continue to inspire others through their poems, essays and writings skills. They definitely have a marvelous and unique way of writing that has truly amazed me.

These blogs are worth your time:

Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 - by Kelvin Servigon
Want to know something about technology? you can find it here, and not just technology, you can also realized the things behind this, just like a picture and what does it tell. amazing right? learning something different that's what this blogger tells me.

2. I Love/Hate America - by Bingkee
I see this blogger like a typical wife who just love to write anything under the sun, to be able to share to people her piece of thoughts wherever she lives and whatever or anything she does. She just love to share, truly amazing.

3. LifeLots - by Irene
I was truly touched by his writings, if you feel down or want to have an inspiring quote for a day who will bring you confidence, inspires you, cheer you up and will tell you something about life this is a great blog to read, no doubt.

4 .Writing to Exhale - by Jan Geronimo
Reading this blog makes me feel relaxed, it's like having a quality time with a friend. Sharing stories of his life, what he does and what he wants to happen. I admire him especially for praying for our f
ormer president Cory Aquino who’s suffering from stage-four colon cancer because, few people have a wonderful heart who will give and share a little of his time to give back our deep gratitude for what we owe to our former president. Prayer is the best gift that we can give to her.

5. The Struggling Blogger - by Roy Dela Cruz
I find this blog very inspiring to every blogger especially to those who have just begun in blogging. Want to know and explore what blogging is all about and what a blogger can do? Ask him and he will surely give you an answer. I also admire him for the prayers and support he gave to our former president Cory Aquino. I hope that many people would do what he does.

Zorlone - by
Doc Zorlone
This blogger has a great thought in mind and i think he will have a long way to go. i think he is definitely one of the top emerging influential blogger because his poems are really amazing. They are formed by his own experiences and i can see that the blogs were accomplished by a great mind and a passionate heart.

7. A Walk in the Dark
by Luke
You can find many interesting post in this blog i can say that this blogger wants us to be aware in many. It is truly a heartwarming experience to know that there is a blog that cares not only to the people he knew but to all the people that reads, especially his blog.

Tales From The Mom Side -
by Dee
As the title says this blog talks more about being a mother, it's from a mother's heart. And as a praise for all moms, I want to acknowledge this blog. When i see my mother being tired and stressed, I want to do something for her to feel relaxed, i jusr don't know how. In this blog I found the answer.

9. Father Blogger Dot Com - by Angel Cuala
This blog is such an inspiration. I admire him for being a proud blogger. It is not actually easy to be a blogger, most especially when maintaining a blog active. But because he takes time and effort, he was able to win an award, his blogs are also a great help for people especially to those who have family concerns. So read his blog and learn from him.

10. It's All a Matter of Perspective- Mine -by Holly Jahangiri
It talks about many things in all walks of life, surely you'll be able to learn upon reading his blog.

Different aspects, different personalities, different opinions in life..One Goal: to Blog, to share, to communicate, to make friends and to support one another. =)

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