___Assay___1. It is a biochemical test using the reaction of an antibody to its antigen?
_We should treat all specimens as infectious and potentially hazardous that can transmit diseases_2. What is the universal precaution?

__Principle__3. What are the two things to consider before proceeding in the assaying of cortisol?
_Procedure & PPE_4.

______1:5_______5. The sample is mixed with organic solvent in what proper ratio?

_Aqueous Layer_6. What layer is removed after separation of substances?

__Organic Layer_7. What layer has an aliqout containing the free cortisol?

_Extraction efficiency_8. It can be monitored by adding known cortisol standard to an aliquot of the specimen and then extracting the spiked sample.

____Urine______9. Give two specimens used in cortisol determination?

Case Analysis :

A 25 yr old man complaining of fatigue, muscle weakness, low blood pressure and weight loss. After his check-up the doctor/physician requested for cortisol level test.

* His cortisol level is low.

What is the possible condition of the patient?
Answer:_Addison's disease_.