1._____________It is also called stress hormone.

2._____________Cortisol is secreted by this gland.

3._____________Give one condition associated with a increase cortisol level.

4-5. Normal cortisol level is __________ in the morning and ___________ at night.

6-8. Give three functions of cortisol.

9-10. Give two possible conditions that may lead to low cortisol level.

A 30 yr old large rounded face, overweight female working in a call center had recently depressions. She's complaining of having headache, mental changes, purple mark on the skin of abdomen and backache. She was rush at the hospital after getting his medical record the doctor request for a cortisol test .

11-15. What cortisol test does the physician probably requested: blood, urine, or salivary cortisol tets? explain:

16-20. What is the possible condition the patient have? explain: