Do you agree that Drug testing should be done as a requirement for admission to schools?

Do you agree that Drug testing
should be done as a requirement
for admission to schools?

Drug Testing for admission of students in school?

Definitely, I agree, because it can bring so much difference and awareness to all of the people specially to the students, teachers, and parents. I think it is a must, especially for the high school (secondary) and tertiary (college) students because in our generation today, if a student is using or wants to use a "drug" because of peer pressure or stress, through the drug test, we will be able to detect those who use them and will also be able to prevent students who have plans of using it.

I personally believe that everything has a solution so why take drugs, right? Taking illegal drugs can also cause different diseases and the worst, it can kill you.

Every single person is unique, capable of making beautiful things, like having unique skills and talents. it is saddening to think that they may not the best person that they can be because of these illegal drugs.

As our national hero said, "ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan", so we should take good care of our people, especially the youth of our nation.

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zorlone said...

The younger generations are open to a lot of stuff. Drugs for one has been causing a lot of nuisance.

There are several steps that this addiction develop from and as what you have mentioned, individuals are unique when it comes with how they adapt to the changing society.



You were quiet during the party last Saturday, I do hope you were able to enjoy it as much as we did.

Virginia Gaces said...

Noted Ethel.

ethel said...

Dear doc.
Thank you for the time reading my posts.

I definitely had fun, I think I'm just a shy type of person that's why i didn't talk to much. =)