My Preceptorship Training

My Preceptorship Training

My first thought was, "what is it all about? "

So i ask everyone what preceptorship means, then i come out with a conclusion that this is a training specially intended for "medtech" students like me. We're going to spend our 24 hours straight to observe and do some things that a medical technologist does in the laboratory. I found it amazing to see different things that is not that familiar with me. The staff in the laboratory of our preceptorship are very approachable and friendly, they helped us and teached us different things will surely be a great help to us.

My Preceptorship was also a very tiring day. Imagine that you're going to go to different sectiosns in the laboratory 24 hours straight! haha! but actually I was able to get some sleep in our preceptorship day. Two hours of sleep and the next thing I know was I can't sleep when I'm sitting wahaha..even if i'm feeling really asleep..

Meeting different people with something in common that's so great, right?


Virginia Gaces said...

Ethel, noted.